You will be gaining the benefits of aerobic exercise if you feel your heart pumping and you feel you are at least slightly out of breath from exercising with PhenQ. This will make you fitter, healthier and happier in the long run – It’s not rocket science!

Physical Benefits

This first 6 will all help lessen your chances of developing heart disease.

1 – Strengthens your heart. Your heart is another muscle that adapts (gets stronger) to physical exercise.

2 – Lowers high Blood Pressure.

3 – Helps prevent arteries getting furred. This provides a nice clear pathway for blood to flow around your body, drastically reducing the chances of blocked arteries.

4 – Lowers bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol helps fur arteries.

5 – Aids blood circulation

6 – Lowers body fat. Fat isn’t only stored as adipose tissue on your belly or your thighs etc, your internal organs also get a layer of fat on them, making them work harder to function.

7 – Helps prevent type 2 diabetes. It can also help manage diabetes.

General Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

8 – People who exercise regularly are less likely to die from cancer than those who don’t

9 – It aids breathing. It opens deeper chambers of the lungs.

10 – It aids sleep

11 – Improves energy levels.

12 – It lowers stress levels, and the effects of stress on the body. Stress also has a big effect on heart disease.

13 – Exercise is great for strengthening your joints, muscles and tendons.

14 – Fitness. Regular aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular endurance

* Mental Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise.

Because of all the physical benefits, the mental benefits seem to be less talked about, however there are plenty of reasons to exercise for good mental health.

15 – It improves concentration levels

16 – It improves mood and feelings of well being

17 – Good for memory. Intense exercise increases neurons in the hippo campus area of the brain, which your brain uses for memory.

18 – A life of exercise lessens the chances of developing dementia later in life. But it is never too late to start exercising and to benefit from it!

19 – Helps with depression. Leisure time exercise lessens your chances of suffering from depression.

With the speed at which sports science is developing we are finding out more benefits all the time, so watch this list grow!