Notice anything different? Why yes, I did shave my taint, but that’s not what I mean. Take a look up there at the URL, err, the address box? What is that thing called? Anyway, notice that change? After a year and a half of writing fart jokes for my five friends I’ve finally decided to take this shit show high class and buy the actual URL for putthatshitonthelist. Remember like three posts ago where I was all “Why did I choose a URL that’s NSFW?” Turns out I didn’t learn my lesson on that one and went right ahead and did it again. What’s that they say about the definition of insanity again?

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for other turd and boner humor sites lately, and probably  about to start doing some stuff for this other one as well. Go read them frequently. They’re both websites with a sort of similar perverted dickhead worldview as this one, so I figured I might as well spruce the place up a bit before having company over.  But all it really means is that I finally managed to scrape together the ten dollars it takes to buy a website domain. Nothing is going to change. Same shitty layout, same shitty design, same shitty jokes. Speaking of which, if any of you fancy web-machine artists want to help me make this backwater internet incest palace look presentable, please go right ahead and speak that knowledge into my face. Because if there’s one thing this site was founded on it was the free work of all my friends.  Before those deadbeats ran out of material real quick. 

Anyway: penis joke. The end. LindsayLohan nude. Lindsay Lohan nudeK im Kardashian sex tape. .

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