Caring About Sports Too Much

You ever have something twist your melon up real good like a death in the family or a bad breakup or you lost your job or you realized you’re an anonymous, boring dickhead with absolutely nothing to show for decades of hard work? Then one day a few weeks or months later you wake up from a really restful night’s sleep and it takes a minute or two before that gradual realization seeps back in? It’s nice in that space isn’t it? Quiet. Peaceful.

Inevitably though the memory sneaks up through your brain bushes like a creeping ninja of pain and you realize all over again that that bullshit went down. Now you’re swimming face first through the failure soup that is your normal life.In a related story, some terrorist freedom hater on the radio just brought up this incident below and it triggered some down deep Manchurian Candidate shit in me that I can’t shake loose. I’m not saying that this event taught me what it’s like to live through a war or a natural disaster, but… OK, I am saying that. Get me, I’m on the List.

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