There are ways to avoid most of the pain from Losing Weight.

I know where you come from

Being overweight seems, most of the time painful, annoying, depressing and difficult, however Phen24 can help.

Losing Weight, most of the time, happens to be even more annoying, depressing, difficult and painful.

Understand that they are proven ways around, and that you can easily put them into practice to get relief and sustain your Weight Loss process. Yes, that’s cool !)

How to Avoid Distress

If you ever feel :

  • anguish
  • identity and Self Esteem attacks that you used
  • weakness, lack of motivation
  • and actually, any emotional problem that would drive you to give up your Weight Loss

All this can be solved easily with a little help from those NLP and Hypnosis.

Please bear with me here.

I know that a lot of people claim that these approaches might not be all-scientific… But heck, for years I have seen these get RESULTS where all-scientific guys would indeed just charge you indefinitely (which might explain a lot of those claims…).

Here are some figures and ideas you might want to consider :

  • Generally, 3 to 6 sessions with a seasoned practicioner of those disciplines will do the trick (with 93% success, instead of 600 psychoanalysis sessions with 38% success)
  • some clients have confirmed that beyond sustaining metabolic change of losing weight, acupuncture had reliefed them from some anxiety charge
  • Some books on NLP and self hypnosis are a really cost-effective way around these. The techniques you will find most useful use Submodalities (the trick will be to find a good explaination, which every book does not give).
    This allows you to change the way you feel about things, changing pain and distress to pleasure and resolve is a matter of seconds. Hey, that is enjoying Losing Weight..
  • Some Hypnosis CDs can help you. BUT Understand that on a core level, they are not tailored for you (albeit some practicioners will do it for you), so they use “broad spectre” technics, that might lose some efficiency when it comes to help you.
  • You will find  a lot of useful advice on this site around those problems, inspired from NLP practice you can use by yourself, especially when it comes to holding on to success, rising motivation and managing your emotions. Read our 3th Golden Key to Weight Loss Success about feeding your emotions well. It contains also some simple environmental advice to just give yourself some great emotions that will fuel your Weight Loss.

Get Rid of Hunger

This can be really painful. Stomach physiology (multiplied by it size), fueled with emotional distress (at least change tends to create some), and metabolic urge can really mess up to make your hunger a HELL.

  • As stated in our 5th key to Weight Loss Success, most successful and easy is to PROGRESSIVELY change the quantity of food you eat. This way, stomach will progressively reduce size along several weeks, without making you suffer.
  • As stated in our 4th Key to Weight Loss Success, use some harmless food to reduce the hunger sensation : water, maybe tea or salad. Avoid sodas at all cost (they create more hunger by distending your insides).
  • Some products are devised to “cut” hunger. Those might be a temporary help. Just remember that stomach size reduction is what will in the end both stop hunger and make your metabolism adjust to the appropriate level, so understand the need to a constant food quantity reduction (as per 6th Key to Weight Loss Success)
  • Self-Hypnosis and NLP Techniques, again, will do the trick nicely. Soft parallel medicines can provide some degree of help too.
  • Gastric ring surgery might help you if you really could not succeed with all these (which would surprise me). In this case, just go for medical advice and a really good surgeon.


Finally, remember that many of the hardship you can encounter along your way… often originate from mind tricks :

  • Your body will QUICKLY stop aching. It is often a matter of a few days, and most OTC for headaches will relief you of those.
  • Actual pain, as all emotions, comes from focus. Focus on something else : tv show, conversation, whatever.
  • If your health could be a problem (breathing problems, articulations pain…), take medical advice before, and make it a progressive undertaking.
  • Beyond average of 2 to 5 sport sessions, wherever you come from (except some rare pathologies), endorphin in your body will get over any physical suffering, so pleasure will take over pain
  • And from start, use of NLP Submodalities or Self Hypnosis can help you feel pleasure instead of any physical problem.

As a rule of thumb, following our Keys to Weight Loss Success will make your Losing Weight enjoyable, way beyond the hardships you may suffer from.

So many people like you over the years have benefited from this. Ready to give a try ?