July 14, 2024


Medical amnesty saves lives

Many college students drink. What happens when one drinks too much? The student passes out, possibly with alcohol poisoning. Hypothetically, John doesn’t want to call public safety and have Jim, his friend, rushed to the hospital because he doesn’t want his friend to be charged with minor in possession. John chooses not to call and Jim dies overnight from alcohol poisoning. How do we stop these deaths? The key is medical amnesty. Full story

Lifelong Detroiter weighs in on November election

As a lifelong Detroiter, I have truly seen the good, the bad and definitely the ugly. Born and raised in a city full of poverty stricken communities I have seen my fair share of bad times. But I have never seen times like these. Full story

One man’s trash

We see them around campus all the time, but we have trained ourselves not to pay attention. They are like ninjas dressed in green uniforms, armed with mops, brooms and spray bottles filled with deadly disinfectants. The custodians of Wayne State play a vital role in sustaining the functionality of the university. Full story

Understanding mortality

Jack Kevorkian is back in town for a movie about his difficulties with the law. Like Kevorkian it is also receiving criticism, such as the protestors at the Old Wayne County Building at a recent shoot for the movie. Full story

Identity Crisis

Poor education of black youths to blame

Recently U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and a crew of President Obama’s other higher-ups arrived into Chicago to calm tensions and nerves in the wake of the death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert on Sept. 24 at the hands of those with sticks, fists and feet. Full story

Skin-deep diversity

Wayne State is an unblended melting pot

Lately, I have been walking around Wayne State’s campus thinking about diversity, and I do not believe there is actual diversity here. Full story

Police 411

Knowing the law and your rights

College is an exciting time in anyone’s life. New friends, opportunities and experiences abound and usually governing parents aren’t around. This is also a time where many young people find themselves face-to-face with challenging situations — including police encounters — where sound judgment and good decision-making is paramount. It is important to stress that police are entrusted society to protect and serve. Full story

Swine flu and the media critique

West Nile virus: 124 deaths in 2007. SARS: 8 cases, zero deaths in 2003. Mad cow disease: not one death confirmed in American history according to the CDC. These diseases, which often affect less developed countries more harshly, always seem to dominate headlines and capture the attention of the national Zeitgeist. Sometimes it takes a flashy, animal name like monkey pox or avian flu. Full story

Elementary and Parliamentary procedures

Joe Wilson undeservedly, but spectacularly, stole the show

President Obama’s speech on health care reform was both bold and informative. He started explaining how the system is utterly broken. He ended with a rousing tribute to the late Ted Kennedy, making the case that reform in our time is not just a practical initiative, but a moral imperative. Full story

Keeping your car

How to avoid the repo man

As the economic slump continues, many people are struggling to make ends meet. And unfortunately, vehicle repossessions are on the rise. Full story