The drive to enact a bill to use Iran’s funds frozen in a U.S. account to pay the families of U.S. victims of Iranian terrorism picked up a key endorsement yesterday. Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, endorsed HR 4070, sponsored by Rep. Bob Turner (R-NY) and co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of Congressmen. In his endorsement, posted on the TPN website and his personal website, Judson wrote,

Taking this money away from Iran and making certain it cannot be used to advance terrorism is a great idea. Giving that money to the Americans who have been the victim’s of Iran’s terrorism is not just justice it is payback.

If Congress does not act, the order freezing the Iranian funds could be lifted. Can you imagine the celebration in Tehran if they get their money back? Just on general principles does anyone doubt Iran would not use some of this money for terrorism?

Judson Phillips recognizes that taking Iran’s money to pay the families of our brave servicemen killed by Iran in the 1983 Beirut Marines barracks and 1996 Khobar Towers bombings is the right thing to do and smart policy. Those families exercised their God-given right to take their claims against Iran to federal court and obtained judgments against iran which can and should be satisfied by releasing Iran’s funds in the account to them. Hopefully Judson’s endorsement will lead to additional support for the bill in the U.S. House and eventual enactment of the provisions by the entire Congress.