July 14, 2024

Barcelona is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, so make sure you soon plan a trip to this wonderful place if you haven’t done so already. There is so much to do here, however compiled underneath is a recommended list of things that you should definitely consider visiting when in Barcelona!

10. Try Something Sweet!

Barcelona is notorious for its good food. However, one thing that is uniquely special to this city is it selection of sweet treats. Drop the “Papabubble” for some boiled sweets or head towards the “La Granja” to experience a luscious hot chocolate.


9. Sip a Cocktail on a Terrace

One of the most important things you need to try, if you are an adult and like alcohol beverages, is to sip a fruity cocktail on the top of a terrace. There are many bars that have this amenity , such as the “Bar Colombo”, which also offers some great Tapas.

8. Watch some Flamenco!

If you are blessed with two left feet and prefer to watch people dance then there is also this opportunity for you!. Popular places to see dance would include the “El Tablao De Carmen” and the “Los Tarantos”.

7. Attend a Festival

Do you love music and socialising? Barcelona has a great arrange of live music venues, such as the “Bikini” and “Razzmatazz”. However a lot of events are held at the “Gran Teatre del Liceu” – even if you don’t want to see any shows there it is worth going to see the architecture.

6. Experience the Life of Picasso

You can follow’s part of Picasso’s life as you go through Barcelona. Go the “Calle Reina Christina” and then head over towards the “3 Carrer de la Merce” to see where his family lived. Later go to the “Museu Picasso” (Picasso Museum) to see some of his great masterpieces.

5. Try some Spanish Food!

If you want to really experience the culture, try some Catalan cooking such as the “Cinc Sentits”. Of course there is a great selection of Tapas around, which is popular among tourists and residents. It’s a perfect dish to share! Seafood is also commonly eaten here, with it being right next to the ocean!

 4. Witness some Brilliant Architecture!

There are quite some impressive pieces of architecture here in Barcelona. For example you cannot miss the “Casa Amatller” Puig I Cadafalch or the “Hospital de la Santa Cre I Sant Pau” which is a UNESCO World Hertiage site.

 3. Visit the Cathedral

Barcelona is home to one of the most impressive Cathedrals in the World. However make sure, especially for women, you cover yourself before going in as they won’t accept any one in strappy tops or short shorts. With its beautiful stain glass windows you will be absolutely amazed. You jaw is guaranteed to drop.

2. Walk Up and Down “La Rambla”

This street is one of the most famous boulevards in the world. It’s a mile long road, filled colourful flower stalls and other interesting things! It’s great fun for tourists and residents of Barcelona – so make sure you don’t miss it! Going down to the beach after walking down the Ramblas is always a good idea. The sand is perfect and, if in Summer, the water is not so cold!

1. Witness some of Gaudi’s Grand Designs!

Gaudi is famous for designing some of the most impressive pieces of architecture on this planet. For example, head towards the “Sagrada Familia” where you will be truly amazed! A trip to Barcelona is definitely not complete without seeing one of Gaudi’s designs.