T-shirts are available in the market according to person’s choice with various colors and designs. So, it is easy to find beautiful t-shirts and basically man tries to have their collection of the shirt as they have their wardrobe. If you have an interest in buying a t-shirt, then you want to know about its printings. There are several types of printing by which you may get a shirt of your choice. Shirt printing Ottawa is the best company for printing because their printing technique is the most advanced. They use of quality material and designs thus providing top-notch t-shirts.

Different methods of shirt printing are out there by which you may get a t-shirt of your choice.

Modern Digital Shirt printing

The digital printing is the newer concept, and it works like an inkjet printing. We can say that it is a direct printing on the garment. They use higher resolution of print which gives a detailed image. The digital shirt printing makes there prints to be soft on the shirt that looks the best artwork with gradients, tones, and different shadings. These are mostly found for the long-lasting prints. The cost of this printing is meager as compared to others. The shirt printing Ottawa is using modern digital printing designs which give a professional finishing.

Heat transfer shirt printing

This type of print is famous for its ease of use and transferred the design quickly on the shirt. Heat transfer printing designs are widely available, and we can do it at home with comforts. It is simple, place the design backwards onto the shirt and use heat equipment like household iron. Flattening the iron on the shirt several times to ensure the design is transferred. Through this, the design is moved fast, easy, and the price is, but the design is not long lasting.

Traditional screen shirt printing

This is the best type of shirt printing which creates a template or stencils effect. It used by placing the silk screen and then replaced by a nylon mesh. The ink flooded on the screen and ensures that the right amount of ink get into all the part of a shirt a tool is used to press the paint down. When the design is printed screen is removed, then the paint is dried. It is available at a low rate and works fast to print the same design several times with supreme quality.

These are some main type to shirt printing. If you want the best printing, then go for the shirt printing Ottawa which provides the best quality of shirt with different designs.